Abundance in medicine

We all know someone, or are someone, who has needed access to medicine...

Sometimes, it's for minor injuries or illness. Sometimes, it's far more serious. We have all lost someone dear, or know somebody who has lost someone very close to them. Our speed of development and manufacture of medicine has not kept up with the technology available to help drive Abundance in Medicine.

At ConSynSys, we plan to change that...all of it.

FDA Shortages

Drug Shortages can occur for many reasons, including manufacturing and quality problems, as well as manufacturing delays. Currently, the FDA in the United States lists shortages in over 170 drugs, including:

Amino acids
Calcium Gluconate for Cardiovascular, GI tract, Pediatric and Allergy use
Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) Solutions
Dextrose 5%, 10%, 25%, 50% Injections
Hydrocortisone Tablets
Lidocaine for Pediatrics
Multi-Vitamin Infusion
Sodium Chloride
Sterile Water for Injection


The FDA continues to see the residual effects from the closing of two manufacturing facilities in 2017 and 2018 by major drug manufacturers, which resulted in the loss of the manufacturing capacity needed for the supplies of numerous drugs.


For CY 2020, FDA was notified of 512 potential drug and biological product shortage situations by 120 different manufacturers.


FDA identified 41 ongoing shortages at the end of CY 2017, 67 ongoing shortages for CY 2018, and 76 ongoing shortages for CY 2019. As of December 31, 2020, there were 86 ongoing drug shortages.

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