ConSynSys Technologies ProCaaSo™ Platform is a modern solution for modern manufacturing

Legacy process control

Legacy process control

Monolithic code: Small changes equal core code changes

Extremely inefficient: Integrators often needed for updates

Inflexible code: Device swaps require code updates

Perpetual licenses: Extremely high CAPEX costs



Cloud- Native: Remotely deployed to any system, anywhere

Microservices design: Protect the core, upgrade the rest

Kubernetes Containers: Flexible, secure, and modern platform

Security-focused: One port, one protocol

Why a CPLC™ and Python is better than industrial PLC and Ladder Logic


Our CPLC™, or Cloud-Programmable Logic Controller, allows software to be delivered as a service, from anywhere

Remote programmability allows quick deployment of software for process control of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, chemical, food, or industrial manufacturing

Cloud connectivity allows centralized visibility, control, and reporting for truly decentralized manufacturing

Small form factor allows greater flexibility in hardware configurations

Non-proprietary technology allows easy replacement upon failure-without needing expensive, custom services

Container-based software-as-a-service means no software re-writes upon replacement

Replacing a CPLC™ and reprogramming it to same use takes approx. 20 minutes

Python vs Ladder Logic

Future engineers learn Python—out of IEEE top 57 programming languages globally, Python is #1…Ladder Logic is #48, behind even Cobol and Fortran (do you even remember those languages…?)

For younger engineers, Ladder Logic is a career cul-de-sac—this is one of the real reasons you are losing the war for software engineering talent to tech industry leaders…

In order to move towards Industry and Pharma 4.0, the following are critical:

Mass Customization—the ability to create tailored products at high speed and on a scale never before possible

Customizing anything on a mass scale with a programming language like Ladder Logic, that was never designed to scale, is not possible

Automation is the era of smart machines, storage systems, and production plants that autonomously exchange information, trigger actions, and control operations free of any human intervention

This makes Automation the key to solving labor shortages long term and upskilling the current workforce

Ladder Logic is the key to the past while Python is the key to the future

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