Abundance in medicine

We all know someone, or are someone, who has needed access to medicine...

Sometimes, it's for minor injuries or illness. Sometimes, it's far more serious. We have all lost someone dear, or know somebody who has lost someone very close to them. Our speed of development and manufacture of medicine has not kept up with the technology available to help drive Abundance in Medicine.

At ConSynSys, we plan to change that...all of it.

Food Manufacturing

In America in 1870, 70–80% of the US population was employed in agriculture. Today, less than 2% of the population is directly employed in agriculture, and over 80% of the population lives in cities. We have to manufacture food differently…

Food manufacturing and processing has become a large component of the digital transformation happening globally. IoT sensors, smart devices, connected machinery, and AI/ML paired with Analytics are helping all sizes and categories of business reduce time to market, accelerate time to revenue, improve efficiency and quality, and also increase safety. This type of market disruption is the foundation of Industry 4.0.

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